Bus Bunching Identification Using Smart Card Data



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Du, B. & Dublanche, P. (2019). Bus Bunching Identification Using Smart Card Data. 2018 IEEE 24th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems ICPADS 2018 (pp. 1087-1092). United States: IEEE.


Bus bunching is a result of sophisticated traffic condition, unstable bus operation and dynamic travel demand, which not only causes passengers' dissatisfaction, but also degrades the bus service performance. To tackle the bus bunching issue, multiple steps are usually adopted, from bus bunching identification to solution development. This paper serves as the first-mile work of a series of studies, to identify bus bunching in a large-scale public transport network. Selected findings from a case study of the Greater Sydney Region based on smart card data analysis are shown to illustrate the bus bunching issues at multiple levels.

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