A stakeholder-driven approach to developing MBSE products for heavy rail



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Scott, W., Shirvani, F. & Campbell, P. (2018). A stakeholder-driven approach to developing MBSE products for heavy rail. Systems Engineering Test and Evaluation Conference 2018: Unlocking the Future Through Systems Engineering: SETE 2018 (pp. 463-472). Australia: Engineers Australia.

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ISBN: 9781925627152


MBSE tools with the support of standards such as UPDM are sufficiently powerful to be able to model a wide range of aspects of and about a system. Architecture Frameworks are so expressive that they have been criticized for providing too many options and too much detail, thereby enabling modellers to expend effort in areas that are viewed as unfruitful. UOW has been applying a modelling approach based on ISO 42010 to create complex models monitoring heavy rail organisations that is directly traceable to stakeholder's needs. The paper will describe how this approach has been refined to enable the development of models that support the use of the model by multiple stakeholders with overlapping concerns and how the challenges in creating and maintaining consistency between the information provided to each of the stakeholders have been addressed.

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