Utilising MBSE to help manage the impact of new technology on track worker safety



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Scott, W., Shirvani, F. & Campbell, P. (2018). Utilising MBSE to help manage the impact of new technology on track worker safety. Systems Engineering Test and Evaluation Conference 2018: Unlocking the Future Through Systems Engineering: SETE 2018 (pp. 473-485). Australia: Engineers Australia.

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ISBN: 9781925627152


Track worker safety is of paramount importance within the heavy rail industry - however the introduction of new technologies can have unforeseen consequences on track worker safety. UOW is engaged in research into how MBSE tools can be used to provide greater assurance that track worker safety can be maintained as these technologies are being adopted. This is a multifaceted approach that aims to track changes in track work procedures, monitor how a safe working environment can be obtained and maintained, as well as ensuring track workers are suitably prepared for the new technical environment. The model is designed to facilitate efficient propagation of information to users thereby enabling them to better perform safety related activities. For example trackside workers are provided the appropriate processes, safety assurance personnel are able to analyse the revised procedures, competency managers examine revised procedures to maintain competency requirements and trainers are provided the information to ensure the materials are relevant. The outcome is workers are better informed of safe work procedures as they evolve and these procedures have been better developed and analysed.

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