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Ogie, R. Ighodaro. & Forehead, H. (2017). Investigating the accuracy of georeferenced social media data for flood mapping: The PetaJakarta.org case study. 2017 4th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Disaster Management (ICT-DM) (pp. 30-35). United States: IEEE.


Georeferenced social media data are gaining increased application in creating near real-time flood maps needed to improve situational awareness in data-starved regions. However, there is growing concern that the georeferenced locations of flood-related social media contents do not always correspond to the actual locations of the flooding event. But to what extent is this true? Without this knowledge, it is difficult to ascertain the accuracy of flood maps created using georeferenced social media contents. This study aims to improve understanding of the extent to which georeferenced locations of social media flood reports deviate from the actual locations of floods. The study analyses flood-related tweets acquired as part of the PetaJakarta.org project implemented in the coastal mega-city of Jakarta and provides insight into the level of accuracy expected with using georeferenced social media data for flood mapping. Importantly, the results reveal that the accuracy of flood maps generated with georeferenced social media data reduces with increase in the size of the minimum mapping unit of the flood map. Finally, an approach is recommended for creating more accurate real time flood maps from crowdsourced social media data.


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