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Dharmapriya, U. S. S., Kiridena, S. B. & Shukla, N. (2016). A review of supply network configuration literature and decision support tools. 2016 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (pp. 149-153). Danvers, United States: IEEE.


Supply chain literature highlights the increasing importance of effective supply network configuration decisions that take in to account such realities as market turbulence and demand volatility, as well as ever expanding global production networks. Supply network configurations decisions that account for these contingencies are expected to meet the evolving needs of customers while delivering better outcomes for all parties involved. This paper presents the findings of a structured review of supply network configuration literature which is synthesized under the two categories, drivers of supply network configuration decisions and the key parameters considered in developing decision support tools. This review also included an evaluation of the tools used for supporting supply network configuration decisions. The paper identifies the areas for future research, as well as the decision support tools required for building supply network capacity to meet the challenges brought about by the changing business environment.


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