Mesoscalarity: data polities and designed engagement



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Turpin, E. (2015). Mesoscalarity: data polities and designed engagement. Data Across Scales Conference


The presentation will focus on three concepts for data-driven design which have emerged from research for We will outline the concept of mesoscalarity as a means to both describe and analyze the integrative approach to 'big data' (spatio-temporal data mining), 'big crowdsourcing' (interventive operations within data mining processes), and 'small data' (community-led data collection efforts). We will elaborate the concept of data polities by considering how design-driven institutional ethnography can locate potentials for organizations of various scales and capacities to reimagine the role of data collection and analysis as a means to enable institutional transformation, collaboration, and adaptation. We will consider how designed engagement enables both the formation and study of data polities while demanding a lithe, adaptive comportment to mesoscalarity and transferability across domains, geographies, and ecologies of practice.

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