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Noothout, P., Wiersma, F., Hurtado, O., Macdonald, D., Kemper, J. & van Alphen, K. (2014). CO2 pipeline infrastructure - lessons learnt. Energy Procedia, 63 2481-2492. Energy Procedia


Some 6,500 km of CO2 pipelines have been operating for years for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) operations, primarily in the United States. Moreover, there are a number of CO2 pipelines that are in use for CO2 utilization (CCU) or Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) operations in Europe and the Americas. Valuable experience and lessons learned are available from these projects relevant for all phases of CO2 pipeline projects: from early identification to execution and operation. A comprehensive set of information has been collected, evaluated and made accessible with the aim to benefit the development of future CO2 pipelines. The resulting database shows a wide variety of characteristics among existing CO2 pipeline projects. In addition, a Reference Manual document adds an overview of results and lessons learned and it can serve as a guide to enable access to the full set of information in the database.


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