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Turpin, E., Holderness, T., Wickramasuriya Denagamage, R. & Dean, S. (2014). Postnatural urbanism in Jakarta: geosocial intelligence and the future of urban resilience. Unnatural Futures Conference (pp. 36-37). Hobart, Australia: University of Tasmania.

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University of Tasmania


As cities evolve to become increasingly complex systems of people and interconnected infrastructure, the impacts of both extreme and long-term environmental change are significantly heightened. Understanding the resilience of urban systems and communities in an integrated manner is key to ensure the future sustainability of cities, which face considerable climatic, economic, and sociodemographic challenges in the 21st century. As Southeast Asia's most populous and most dense metropolitan conurbation, and the second largest urban footprint in the world, Jakarta's residents are exposed to rapid transformations of urban structures and systems.