Using geospatial business intelligence to support regional infrastructure governance

Rohan Wickramasuriya, University of Wollongong
Jun Ma, University of Wollongong
Matthew Berryman, University of Wollongong
Pascal Perez, University of Wollongong

Wickramasuriya, R., Ma, J., Berryman, M. & Perez, P. (2013). Using geospatial business intelligence to support regional infrastructure governance. Knowledge-Based Systems, 53 80-89.


In many developed countries including Australia, infrastructure services at local and state levels are being provided by an increasing number of disjointed public and private agencies. There is an urgent need for an integrated view on the provision and use of these services for better governance and productivity. Developing an integrated view is challenging due to the dispersion of relevant data sets and the underlying complexity of increasingly interconnected infrastructure networks. Using a case study in New South Wales (Australia), we demonstrate how tools and processes in Geospatial Business Intelligence (Geo-BI) can be harnessed using a collective design approach to develop an integrated solution; the SMART Infrastructure Dashboard (SID). While providing a much needed planning and policy support tool for the local governance of infrastructure services, SID pushes the boundary of Geo-BI beyond its traditional use.


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