Synthetic population generation without a sample



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Barthelemy, J. & Toint, P. L. (2013). Synthetic population generation without a sample. Transportation Science, 47 (2), 266-279.


The advent of microsimulation in the transportation sector has created the need for disaggregated data concerning the population whose behavior is modeled. Becaus of collecting this data and the existing privacy regulations, this need is often met by of a synthetic population on the basis of aggregate data. Although several techniqu generating such a population are known, they suffer from a number of limitations. T need for a sample of the population for which fully disaggregated data must be coll although such samples may not exist or may not be financially feasible. The secon assumption is that the aggregate data used must be consistent, a situation that is m because these data often come from different sources and are collected, possibly a moments, using different protocols. The paper presents a new synthetic population the class of the Synthetic Reconstruction methods, whose objective is to obviate th limitations.

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