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Berryman, M. J., Denamagage, R. W., Cao, V. & Perez, P. (2013). Modelling and data frameworks for understanding infrastructure systems throuh a systems-of-systems lens. International Symposium for Next Generation Infrastructure 2013 (ISNGI) (pp. 1-13).


Modelling and analysis of large systems of infrastructure systems carries with it a number of challenges, in particular around the volume of data and the requisite complexity (and thus computing resources required) of models. In this paper we present an integrated land use–transportation model of a region in Sydney, and detail how we integrated an agent-based model of location and transport choice with a traffic micro-simulator. We also discuss both some novel architectures for scalability of modelling as well as for fusion and relevant visualisation of large data sets. We have a particular focus on geospatial infrastructure data visualisation.