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Mahabub Hassan, K., Ahmed, F., Hai, F. Ibney. & Faraj Magram, S. (2008). Approaches to Development of a User-Friendly Community Based Arsenic/Iron Removal Unit in Bangladesh. Research Journal of Environmental Sciences, 2 (4), 243-251.


The present stydy focuses on the strategies to modify the design of a community based Arsenic - Iron Removal Unit (AIRU) based on the field performance of the AIRU and the feedback from the users. The ultimate aim was to offer a user-friendly and sustainable system. Appropriate modifications in the design of the developed unit reduced the propensities of water head-loss and media clogging, thereby yielding sustained flow rate. Introduction of a simple cleaning procerdure (98% flow-recovery with three successive backwashing sequences) successfully reduced the frequency of requirement of labor-intensive replacement of the whole filter media. Raw water with arsenic concentration up to 200 microgam/L along with high iron content was treated by the AIRU under the field conditions satisfying the Bangladesh standard (50 microgam/L) without using any chemicals. Efficient sludge management was ensured through porper drainage and safe disposal facilities. Simple construction using locally available materials, considerable treatment performance as well as ease of operation and maintenance present the developed system as a promising one



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