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de Laat, A. T. J., Gloudemans, A. M. S., Schrijver, H., Aben, I., Nagahama, Y., Suzuki, K., Mahieu, E., Jones, N. B., Paton-Walsh, C., Deutscher, N. M., Griffith, D. W. T., De Maziere, M., Mittermeier, R. L., Fast, H., Notholt, J., Palm, M., Hawat, T., Blumenstock, T., Hase, F., Schneider, M., Rinsland, C., Dzhola, A. V., Grechko, E. I., Poberovskii, A. M., Makarova, M. V., Mellqvist, J., Strandberg, A., Sussmann, R., Borsdorff, T. & Rettinger, M. (2010). Validation of five years (2003-2007) of SCIAMACHY CO total column measurements using ground-based spectrometer observations. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 3 (5), 1457-1471.


Abstract. This paper presents a validation study of SCanning Imaging Absorption spectroMeter for Atmospheric CHartographY (SCIAMACHY) carbon monoxide (CO) total column measurements from the Iterative Maximum Likelihood Method (IMLM) algorithm using ground-based spectrometer observations from twenty surface stations for the five year time period of 2003–2007. Overall we find a good agreement between SCIAMACHY and ground-based observations for both mean values as well as seasonal variations. For high-latitude Northern Hemisphere stations absolute differences between SCIAMACHY and ground-based measurements are close to or fall within the SCIAMACHY CO 2 precision of 0.2×1018 molecules/cm2 (10%) indicating that SCIAMACHY can observe CO accurately at high Northern Hemisphere latitudes. For Northern Hemisphere mid-latitude stations the validation is complicated due to the vicinity of emission sources for almost all stations, leading to higher ground-based measurements compared to SCIAMACHY CO within its typical sampling area of 8 ×8. Comparisons with Northern Hemisphere mountain stations are hampered by elevation effects. After accounting for these effects, the validation provides satisfactory results



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