Zn-Zn porphyrin dimer-sensitized solar cells: toward 3-D light harvesting



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Mozer, A. J., Griffith, M. J., Tsekouras, G., Wagner, P. W., Wallace, G. G., Mori, S., Sunahara, K., Miyashita, M., Earles, J. C., Gordon, K. C., Du, L., Katoh, R., Furube, A. & Officer, D. L. (2009). Zn-Zn porphyrin dimer-sensitized solar cells: toward 3-D light harvesting. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 131 (43), 15621-15623.


The emulation of the extraordinary photosynthetic light harvesting apparatus has inspired researchers to investigate the assembly and chemistry of a wide variety of covalent and noncovalent porphyrin arrays,1 but surprisingly there have been very few studies of their use in solar cells.2 While the enhancement of solar-toelectrical energy conversion efficiency by porphyrin arrays has been theoretically demonstrated,3 there is little experimental data to support this. In this communication, we demonstrate for the first time that each porphyrin in an array can contribute to current generation in a solar cell.

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