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Eriksen, C. (2012). Book Review - Women in leadership: contextual dynamics and boundaries. Gender, Place and Culture: a journal of feminist geography, 19 (3), 398-400.


Leadership scenarios and paradoxes - past, present and future - form the basis of Karin Klenke's analysis of women in leadership. The book sets out to explore the paradoxical nature of women's leadership in male-dominated contexts, paradoxes women leaders are confronted with, as well as the paradox of change versus the persistence of the status quo. Contexts with a 'paradoxical nature'- temporally and spatially - are at the forefront. These 'contexts' for women's leadership range from remarkable female leaders, today and historically, in politics, organisational structures, information technology (IT), the media, sports, the military, religion and spirituality, science, higher education and the arts. The chapters are initiated with a vignette of one or more female leaders (e.g. Condoleezza Rice, Lindsey Vonn, Ada E. Yonath, Marin Alsop and Angela Merkel) to form a frame of reference for each chapter's particular context.



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