The teleconference and its implications for geographical knowledge-sharing



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Waitt, G., Adams, M., Atchison, J., Head, L., Jones, M., Macquarie, P., Saltzman, K., Setten, G. & Stenseke, M. (2012). The teleconference and its implications for geographical knowledge-sharing. Geography, 97 (1), 42-46.


The teleconference is now being applied in the broadband contexts of the minority world, or Global North1, by both geography teachers and researchers as well as by conference and seminar organisers. The implications for how teleconference technology transforms physical distance has long been considered in relation to businesses (Rosetti and Surynt, 1985) and teaching (Sherry, 1996). Here, we consider some wider implications for geographical knowledge-sharing that arise from teleconference technologies on the basis of a seminar series on landscape research between nine scholars who are simultaneously located in Sweden, Norway and Australia.

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