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Radulovic, N., Denic, M., Stojanovic-Radic, Z. & Skropeta, D. (2012). Fatty and volatile oils of the gypsywort lycopus europaeus L. and the gaussian-like distribution of its wax alkanes. JAOCS, 89 (12), 2165-2185.


The detailed analyses of the volatile essential oil and lipid profiles of the aerial parts from the blooming and fruit-forming stages of both ripe and unripe fruit of Lycopus europaeus (Lamiaceae) are presented. Both of these profiles are distinguished by components with a restricted occurrence in the Plant Kingdom. These rare compounds include (E)-hotrienol in the volatiles, numerous unusual fatty acids (such as very long chain, odd-numbered and branched-chain) in the bound lipids and a high amount of iso- and anteiso-alkanes in the epicuticular waxes. Furthermore, a Gaussian-like distribution of the relative amounts of the epicuticular wax alkanes was observed. These normal distributions could be interpreted as the end result of the work of elongase enzyme systems where the Gaussian parameter μ should match the length of the “ideal” fatty acid biosynthesised and σ would represent the error of this enzyme system. These curve parameters were shown to have a close relationship with ACL and CPI values usually utilised to describe the natural distribution of wax alkanes. The screening of L. europaeus essential oil for its in vitro antimicrobial activity showed that this oil possesses selectivity towards two gram-negative strains, E. coli and K. pneumoniae.



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