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Dillon, C. Therese. (2012). Synchrotron radiation spectroscopic techniques as tools for the medicinal chemist: microprobe X-Ray fluorescence imaging, X-Ray absorption spectroscopy, and infrared microspectroscopy. Australian Journal of Chemistry: an international journal for chemical science, 65 (3), 204-217.


This review updates the recent advances and applications of three prominent synchrotron radiation techniques, microprobe X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy/imaging, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, and infrared microspectroscopy, and highlights how these tools are useful to the medicinal chemist. A brief description of the principles of the techniques is given with emphasis on the advantages of using synchrotron radiation-based instrumentation rather than instruments using typical laboratory radiation sources. This review focuses on several recent applications of these techniques to solve inorganic medicinal chemistry problems, focusing on studies of cellular uptake, distribution, and biotransformation of established and potential therapeutic agents. The importance of using these synchrotron-based techniques to assist the development of, or validate the chemistry behind, drug design is discussed.



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