New drugs under development for Alzheimer's disease



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Ooi, L., Shanmugam, K., Patel, M., Debono, R. & Munch, G. (2012). New drugs under development for Alzheimer's disease. In S. Gauthier & P. Rosa-Neto (Eds.), Advances in Alzheimer's Disease Management (pp. 58-67). London: Future Medicine Ltd.


Past research has shed light on many of the hidden secrets of Alzheimer’s disease. This has revealed key neurological features, including the deposition of aggregates of insoluble β-amyloid and formation of neurofibrillary tangles, as well as chronic inflammation. These pathological hallmarks of the disease have been assumed to be part of ‘the cause of Alzheimer’s disease’ and were specifically targeted to develop an effective therapeutic approach, to interfere with the pathological cascades in Alzheimer’s disease. This chapter will systematically analyze the current and emerging therapies for this complex neurodegenerative disease. However, due to the limitations of space, combination treatments will not be covered.

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