Protein interactions and behaviour in multi-protein complexes



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M. Tehei (2010). Protein interactions and behaviour in multi-protein complexes. Australia: Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering.


Understanding how proteins interact and behave in large dynamic multi-protein complexes is an important area of significance in many human diseases that are associated with faults in these interactions. Increasing understanding of the well-characterized bacterial DNA replication machinery (the replisome) will continue to enrich our understanding of other dynamic complexes, including those that carry out human DNA replication. This research focussed on pairwise interactions that involve one of the key organizational centres of the bacterial replisome, the DnaI helicase loader and the DnaB replicative helicase. AINSE postgraduate scholar Mr Flynn Hill measured the dynamics of the hydrogenated DnaI, DnaB and the DnaI-DnaB complex at the Institut Laue Langevin (France, Grenoble) with the IN6 scientist Marek Koza.

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