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Fu, X., Li, B. & Li, S. (2012). Testing a multi-step post-IR IRSL dating method using polymineral fine grains from Chinese loess. Quaternary Geochronology, 10 8-15.


The potential of multi-elevated-temperature post-IR IRSL (MET-pIRIR) dating [Li, B., Li, S.H., 2011. Luminescence dating of K-feldspar from sediments: a protocol without anomalous fading correction. Quaternary Geochronology 6, 468-479] using polymineral fine grains (FG) (4-11 μm) is tested using loess samples from the Luochuan section in the Chinese Loess Plateau. Nine FG samples with ages within the last glacial-interglacial period are tested using the MET-pIRIR protocol. The MET-pIRIR results for FG are compared with both the coarse grain (63-90 μm) K-feldspar MET-pIRIR dating results and the coarse grain quartz OSL dating results. The stratigraphic age of the profile also provides an independent age control. Our results indicate that the FG MET-pIRIR signals of 200 °C and 250 °C have negligible anomalous fading and they can give reliable ages for the Chinese loess within the last glacial-interglacial period.



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