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Li, B. & Li, S. (2012). A reply to the comments by Thomsen et al. on "Luminescence dating of K-feldspar from sediments: a protocol without anomalous fading correction. Quaternary Geochronology, 8 49-51.


We are pleased that Thomsen et al. (2012) has tested our newly proposed multi-elevated-temperature post-IR IRSL (MET-pIRIR) procedure (Li and Li, 2011) using their own samples, which provides an independent test on the validity of this procedure. In their study, Thomsen et al. (2012) found that the METpIRIR procedure gave consistent results with the two-step post-IR IRSL (TS-pIRIR) procedure originally proposed by [Thomsen et al., 2008] and [Buylaert et al., 2009] and Thiel et al. (2010), indicating the validity of both methods for their samples investigated. Based on this observation, they argued that the MET-pIRIR procedure has no advantage over the TS-pIRIR procedure, in which a 290 °C post-IR IRSL was applied after a 50 °C IRSL measurement.



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