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This report was originally publsihed as Andrady, AL, Aucamp, PJ, Austin, A, Bais, AF, Ballaré, CL, Björn, LO, Bornman JF, Caldwell, MM, Cullen, AP, de Gruijl, FR, Erickson III, DJ, Flint, SD, Häder, D-P, Hamid, H, Ilyas, S, M, Longstreth, J, Lucas, R, Madronich, S, McKenzie, RL, Norval, M, Paul ND, Robinson, SA, Shao, M, Solomon KR, Sulzberger, B, Takizawa, Y, Tang X, Torikai, A, van der Leun, JC, Williamson, CE, Wilson, SR, Worrest, RC & Zepp RG, Environmental Effects of Ozone Depletion: 2010 Assessment, United Nations Environment Programme, Kenya, 2010, 328 pages.

Original report available here.


This quadrennial Assessment was prepared by the Environmental Effects Assessment Panel (EEAP) for the Parties to the Montreal Protocol. The Assessment reports on key findings on environment and health since the last full Assessment of 2006, paying attention to the interactions between ozone depletion and climate change. Simultaneous publication of the Assessment in the scientific literature aims to inform the scientific community how their data, modeling and interpretations are playing a role in information dissemination to the Parties to the Montreal Protocol, other policymakers and scientists.