Synthesis and electrochemical properties of TiO2/C nano-fiber composite



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Feng, C., Tang, J., Zhang, C. Feng. & Zeng, R. (2012). Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of TiO2/C Nano-Fiber Composite. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Letters, 4 (4), 430-434.


"A nano-(TiO2/C) composite was synthesized using electrospinning method. The thermal analysis was used to determine content of carbon in TiO2/C composite. The composite (TiO2/C) was characterized by XRD, the particle size and shape of the (TiO2/C) composites have been observed by SEM and TEM techniques. The results showed that the TiO2/C composite takes on nanofiber morphology and the diameter of nanofibers distributed from 50 to 300 nm. The electrochemical properties of the TiO2/C composite were also investigated. The TiO2/C composite as an anode material has both high initial discharge capacity (900 mAh.g(-1)) and good cycle performances in a testing cells working at room temperature in 3.0 to 0.01 V potential window. The discharge capacity of the TiO2/C composite was retained at 420 mAh/g after 50 cycles. The reason for TiO2/C to behave good electrochemical properties is also discussed."

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