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Beirne, S., Lau, K. Tong., Corcoran, B. & Diamond, D. (2009). Automatic reaction to a chemical event detected by a low-cost wireless chemical sensing network. Proceedings of IEEE Sensors (pp. 69-72). Australia: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc..


A test-scale wireless chemical sensor network (WCSN) has been deployed within a controlled Environmental Chamber (EC). The combined signals from the WCSN were used to initiate a controllable response to the detected chemical event. When a particular sensor response pattern was obtained, a purging cycle was initiated. Sensor data were continuously checked against user-defined action limits, to determine if a chemical event had occurred. An acidic contaminant was used to demonstrate the response of the sensor network. Once the acid plume was simultaneously detected by a number of wireless chemical sensor nodes, an automatic response action, which was the purging of the EC with clean air, was initiated and maintained for a period of time until the WCSN indicated that normal status had been re-established.



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