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Zhang, W., Sherrell, P., Minett, A. I., Razal, J. M., & Chen, J. (2010). Carbon nanotube architectures as catalyst supports for proton exchange membrane fuel cells. Energy and Environmental Science, 3 (9), 1286-1293.


Catalyst support materials exhibit great influence on the performance and durability of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells. This minireview article summarises recent developments into carbon nanotube-based support materials for PEM fuel cells, including the membrane electrode assembly (MEA). The advantages of using CNTs to promote catalyst performance and stability, a perspective on research directions and strategies to improve fuel cell performance and durability are discussed. It is hoped that this mini-review will act as a conduit for future developments in catalyst supports and MEA design for PEM fuel cells.

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ARC/DP0877348, ARC/DP0987503