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Diamond, D., O'Connor, N. E., Smeaton, A. F., Beirne, S., Corcoran, B., Kelly, P., Lau, K. & Shepherd, R. (2007). Sensor node localisation using a stereo camera rig. Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Embedded Networked Sensors, EmNets 2007 (pp. 43-47). New York: ACM.


In this paper, we use stereo vision processing techniques to detect and localise sensors used for monitoring simulated environmental events within an experimental sensor net- work testbed. Our sensor nodes communicate to the camera through patterns emitted by light emitting diodes (LEDs). Ultimately, we envisage the use of very low-cost, low-power, compact microcontroller-based sensing nodes that employ LED communication rather than power hungry RF to trans- mit data that is gathered via existing CCTV infrastructure. To facilitate our research, we have constructed a controlled environment where nodes and cameras can be deployed and potentially hazardous chemical or physical plumes can be introduced to simulate environmental pollution events in a controlled manner. In this paper we show how 3D spatial localisation of sensors becomes a straightforward task when a stereo camera rig is used rather than a more usual 2D CCTV camera.



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