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Beirne, S., Kierman, B. M., Fay, C., Foley, C., Corcoran, B., Smeaton, A. F. & Diamond, D. (2010). Autonomous greenhouse gas measurement system for analysis of gas migration on landfill sites. 2010 IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium Proceedings (pp. 143-148). IEEE Computer Society.


This paper describes the design, development and validation of an autonomous gas sensing platform prototype for monitoring of the greenhouse gases, methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2). The deployment undertaken for validation of the developed prototype monitored landfill gas migration to perimeter borehole wells on a landfill site. Target gas concentrations were captured via infrared gas sensors tuned for each target gas and data reported to an offsite data collection point at 12 hour intervals. This bespoke platform and the accompanying data recording and interface software provide a flexible alternative to the presently employed labor intensive, manual monitoring routines. This successful trial brought about a change in the management of the trial sites gas extraction system.



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