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Marsh, D., Tynan, R., Beirne, S. T., Shepherd, R. L., O'Hare, G., Diamond, D. & Corcoran, B. (2006). Microcosm: a lost cost 3-D wireless sensor test-bed within a controllable environment. In Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks: Proceedings, 13-15 December, Hong Kong. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4325 820-834.


This paper describes the creation of Microcosm, a low cost wireless sensor network test-bed within a controlled environment to facilitate WSN experiments in three dimensions, with an emphasis on executing sensing-related experiments. The design of the sensing hardware, software, support tools and the experimental environment itself are given. Issues related to the design of this configuration are discussed, with the potential pitfalls and eventual solutions alike given. Finally, current and future uses for the test-bed are listed.