Fuel dynamics in shrub dominated landscapes



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Plucinski, M. P., Gill, A. Malcolm. & Bradstock, R. A. (2009). Fuel dynamics in shrub dominated landscapes. Royal Society of Queensland. Proceedings, 115 143-149.


Changes in wildland fuels with time since fire affect the behaviour and impact of bushfires. The majority of research into fuel dynamics has generally been limited to changes in the load of fine dead surface fuels in forest ecosystems. Fuel dynamics in shrub dominated ecosystems are more complicated as most available fuel is comprised of living vegetation. The historical frequency of fire events influences the composition of plant functional response types and physical structure of post fire regrowth in these vegetation types. The composition and form of post fire vegetation also changes with time due to the lifecycles of the regenerating species. The structural form of the community will subsequently influence the behaviour of a further fire and the conditions under which it will burn.

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