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Huang, X., Chen, X., Xu, J. & Yang, J. (2009). Dynamic supplying desired web service for e-business. Second International Symposium on Electronic Commerce and Security, 2009. ISECS '09 (pp. 369-373). USA: IEEE.


With the number of available Web services growing large, supplying the appropriate services for e-business becomes crucial. Dynamic change of customer requirement and available service space challenges the service discovery and selection process. In this paper, we propose a Web service dynamic supplying framework, called Web service community (WSC), to facilitate invocation of one single service or the composition of several services to complete various business tasks. The prominent features of Web service description, discovery and selection in the circumstance of WSC are depicted based on the explanation of the structure of WSC. The desired Web services are dynamically discovered and selected by carrying out an efficient service supplying mechanism aimed at maintenance of demand-supply balance on the condition that the utmost satisfaction of customers' requirements is achieved. The invocation process of single service or composition of several services to support e-business is also presented in the paper.



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