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Woodroffe, C. D., Nicholls, R. J., Saito, Y., Chen, Z. & Goodbred, S. L. (2006). Landscape variability and the response of Asian megadeltas to environmental change. In N. Harvey (Eds.), Global Change and Integrated Coastal Management, Volume 10 (pp. 277-314). Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.


Deltas, occurring at the mouths of river systems that deposit sediments as they enter the sea, are some of the most dynamic sedimentary environments. They contain a long, and often economically significant, sedimentary record of their response to past episodes of climate and sea-level change. Geological investigation of these deposits, and the processes controlling sedimentation, provide insights into the response of deltas to environmental change, which in turn may offer rational and cost-effective strategies for the sustainable management of natural resources and land use in these dynamic systems in the face of future environmental change.