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Crowley, K. H., Morrin, A., Smyth, M. R., Killard, A., Shepherd, R. L., in het Panhuis, M. H. & Wallace, G. G. (2008). Fabrication of chemical sensors using inkjet printing and application to gas detection. In IEEE Sensors Conference, 26-29 October, Leece, Italy. IEEE Sensors, 13-16.


This work describes the fabrication of gas sensors using inkjet printing. Sensors were constructed by building up a film of sensing material, such as polyaniline, from aqueous nanoparticulate dispersions. These films were printed over patterned silver interdigitated array designs for the purposes of conductimetric analysis. Unlike screen printing or lithography, inkjet printing does not require stencils or masks, therefore allowing rapid design and prototyping. For this study, polyaniline and modified polyaniline sensors were inkjet printed and assessed for the purposes of gas sensing applications, specifically hydrogen sulfide monitoring.



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