A molecular template approach to integration of polyaniline into textiles



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Wu, J., Zhou, D., Looney, M., Waters, P., Wallace, G. G. & Too, C. O. (2009). A molecular template approach to integration of polyaniline into textiles. Synthetic Metals, 159 (12), 1135-1140.


A molecular template (a sulfonated polyaniline) has been used to facilitate integration of a complementary conductive polymer (polyaniline) into wool-based textiles. The efficiency of the polymerisation/coating process is enhanced since the template localises the reaction within the textile. The presence of the molecular template results in the formation of an adherent, uniform and stable conducting polymer layer. The poly(2-methoxyaniline-5-sulfonic acid) (PMAS) molecular templated fabric had a surface resistivity of 28 MΩ/□, but after the integration of polyaniline the surface resistivity decreased to 342 kΩ/□. The integration of polyaniline also improved the electrochemical reversibility of the coating. The coated textiles were found to be suitable for application as wearable strain gauge materials to be used for biomechanical monitoring.

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