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Mungkornasawakul, P., Matthews, H., Ung, A. T., Pyne, S. G., Lie, W., Jatisatienr, A., Skelton, B. W. & White, A. H. (2005). Confirmation of the structure of oxystemokerrin by single crystal x-ray structural analysis and a proposed biosynthesis. ACGC Chemical Research Communications, 19 30-33.


The crystal structure of the pentacyclic Stemona alkaloid oxystemokerrin (2), isolated from the roots of Stemona kerrii, is reported, confirming the structure proposed for this compound in a contemporaneous spectroscopic study. This compound is a diastereomer of stemocurtisinol (3), whose structure we have recently reported from S. curtisii, also confirmed by a single-crystal X-ray study. These alkaloids have opposite configurations at C-4 and C-19. A possible biosynthetic pathway for the biosynthesis of 2 and 3 is proposed.