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Byrne, R. P., Scaramagnani, S., Higgins, M. J., Wallace, G. G. & Diamond, D. (2009). Beads, boats and switches: making things happen with molecular photoswitches. In W. Li (Eds.), IEEE Nano 2009 - 9th International Conference on Nanotechnology (pp. 139-143). USA: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.


In this paper we present recent results obtained with a stimulus-responsive materials based on the photo-switchable behaviour exhibited by spiro-cyclic derivatives. Our results suggest that these highly novel materials offer unique capabilities hitherto inaccessible using conventional materials. In particular, we will focus on photocontrolled guest binding and release, inherent signalling of status, photo-actuation and solvent driven motion of small structures as examples of the fascinating behaviour of these exceptional materials. Copyright 2009 IEEE NANO Organizers.

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IEEE Conference on Nanotechnology