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Haverd, V. E., Lewis, B., Gibson, S. & Stark, G. (2005). Rotational effects in the band oscillator strengths and predissociation linewidths for the lowest 1Pi 1 X 1Sigma + g transitions of N2. Journal of Chemical Physics, 123 214304-214312. Copyright 2005 the American Institute of Physics.


A coupled-channel Schrödinger equation (CSE) model of photodissociation, which includes the effects of all interactions between the , , and and the and states, is employed to study the effects of rotation on the lowest- band oscillator strengths and predissociationlinewidths. Significant rotational dependences are found which are in excellent agreement with recent experimental results, where comparisons are possible. New extreme-ultraviolet (EUV)photoabsorption spectra of the key transition of are also presented and analyzed, revealing apredissociationlinewidth peaking near . This behavior can be reproduced only if the triplet structure of the state is included explicitly in the CSE-model calculations, with a spin-orbit constant for the diffuse level which accidentally predissociates . The complex rotational behavior of the and other bands may be an important component in the modeling of EUV transmission through nitrogen-rich planetary atmospheres.



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