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Preradovic, S., Balbin, I., Karmakar, N. & Swiegers, G. F. (2009). Multiresonator-based Chipless RFID System for Low-Cost Item Tracking. IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, 57 (5), 1411-1419.


A fully passive printable chipless RFID system is presented. The chipless tag uses the amplitude and phase of the spectral signature of a multiresonator circuit and provides I : 1 correspondence of data bits. The tag comprises of a microstrip spiral multiresonator and cross-polarized transmitting and receiving microstrip ultra-wideband disc loaded monopole antennas. The reader antenna is a log periodic dipole antenna with average 5.5-dBi gain. Firstly, a 6-bit chipless tag is designed to encode 000000 and 010101 IDs. Finally, a 35-bit chipless tag based on the same principle is presented. The tag has potentials for low-cost item tagging such as banknotes and secured documents.



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