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Kasai, Y., Kagawa, A., Jones, N. B., Fujiwara, A., Seki, K., Murayama, Y. and Murcray, F. (2005). Seasonal variations of CO and HCN in the troposphere measured by solar absorption spectroscopy over Poker Flat, Alaska. Geophysical Research Letters, 32 L19812-1-L19812-4. Copyright 2005 the American Geophysical Union.


Tropospheric partial column abundances of CO and HCN have been retrieved from infrared solar spectra observed with a ground-based spectrometer at Poker Flat Alaska (65°N, 147°W) over the time period from 2000 to 2004. From these data we report the transpacific transport induced inter-annual variability of tropospheric CO over Poker Flat. This is the first report of solar infrared data from the Poker Flat station, where the geographical location of the site means that remote sensing measurements are sampling the transport of transpacific air parcels going to Northern America from Eastern Siberia and Asia. The five year time-span of the data also show significant differences in year to year CO and HCN tropospheric column enhancements driven by changes in Siberian/Asian pollution sources.



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