The optimisation of a paired emitter-detector diode optical pH sensing device



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Orpen, D., Beirne, S., Fay, C., Lau, K. Tong., Corcoran, B. and Diamond, D. (2011). The optimisation of a paired emitter-detector diode optical pH sensing device. Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical, 153 (1), 182-187.


With recent improvements in wireless sensor network hardware there has been a concurrent push to develop sensors that are suitable in terms of price and performance. In this paper a low-cost gas sensor is detailed, and significant improvements in sensor characteristics have been achieved compared to previously published results. A chemical sensor is presented based on the use of low-cost LEDs as both the light source and photodetector, coupled with a sensor slide coated with a pH sensitive colorimetric dye to create a simple gas sensor. Similar setups have been successfully used to detect both acetic acid and ammonia. The goal of this work was to optimise the system performance by integration of the sensing technique into a purposely deigned flowcell platform that holds the colorimetric slide and optical detector in position. The reproducibility of the sensor has been improved through this arrangement and careful control of deposited film thickness. The enhanced reproducibility between sensors opens the potential of calibration-free measurement, in that calibration of one sensor can be used to model the characteristics of all sensors in a particular batch. 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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