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Ujvari, B. and Madsen, T. R. (2008). Complete mitochondrial genome of the frillneck lizard (Chlamydosaurus kingii, Reptilia; Agamidae), another squamate with two control regions. Mitochondrial DNA, 19 (5), 465-470.


AbstractUsing PCR, the complete mitochondrial genome was sequenced in three frillneck lizards (Chlamydosaurus kingii).The mitochondria spanned over 16,761 bp. As in other vertebrates, two rRNA genes, 22 tRNA genes and 13 protein codinggenes were identified. However, similar to some other squamate reptiles, two control regions (CRI and CRII) were identified,spanning 801 and 812 bp, respectively. Our results were compared with another Australian member of the family Agamidae,the bearded dragon (Pogana vitticeps). The overall base composition of the light-strand sequence largely mirrored thatobserved in P. vitticeps. Furthermore, similar to P. vitticeps, we observed an insertion 801 bp long between the ND5 and ND6genes. However, in contrast to P. vitticeps we did not observe a conserved sequence block III region. Based on a comparisonamong the three frillneck lizards, we also present data on the proportion of variable sites within the major mitochondrialregions.



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