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Jacobs, Z. & Roberts, R. G. (2009). Kam die kultur aus Afrika? Spektrum Der Wissenschaft, December 66-73.


According to archaeological standards the Blombos Cave was on the south coast of Africa was a rather small dwelling. The footprint measures just over 50 square meters. But what the researchers unearthed in 13 cubic meters of cave floor was enough to revolutionize our knowledge of the history of the human mind. So-called modern behaviour was therefore on much earlier than previously thought. A team led by South African archaeologist Christopher Henshilwood of the African Heritage Research Institute in Cape Town, who also teaches at the University of Bergen (Norway), discovered in the last 15 years in the Blombos Cave ocher bars with abstract incised patterns and tiny shells, all at the same location have a small hole, as if they were brought in chains.

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