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This article was originally published as Wilson SR, The Cape Grim Scanning UV Spectrometer, in Cainey, JM, Derek, N and Krummel, PB (eds), Baseline Atmospheric Program (Australia) 2003-2004, Australian Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, February 2006, 9-16. Copyright Commonwealth of Australia.


The scanning spectral radiometer operating at Cape Grim provides estimates of irradiance for several spectral regions between 298 and 400 nm. The physical characteristics of the spectrometer system are documented, including the wavelength shift and cosine response of the detector head. The procedures used for the spectrometer’s in situ calibration are also described. The scatter in the resulting calibrations is quantified for the period between 2000 and 2003, providing an estimate of the (wavelength dependent) uncertainty in the measurement.