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Minett, A., Sherrell, P., Chen, J. & Wallace, G. (2009). Towards novel entangled carbon nanotube composite electrodes. In P. Bandaru, S. Grego & I. Kinloch (Eds.), Nanotubes, Nanowires, Nanobelts and Nanocoils-Promise Expectations and Status. Symposium on Nanotubes, Nanowires, Nanobelts and Nanocoils held at the 2008 MRS Fall Meeting (pp. 11-16). Warrendale PA: Materials Research Society.


The commercialization of carbon nanotube electrodes is impeded by the lack of bulk processing techniques. One approach to overcome this impediment is the growth of macroscopic CNT composite architectures which do not require any extra processing. Unfortunately the fundamental growth mechanisms of these carbon composites is not currently understood. To probe this mechanism a systematic examination of the effect of certain growth parameters was undertaken. Within this paper we present the promising preliminary findings of this study revealing extremely complex relationships between variables during growth. We also present the performance of the produced architectures as capacitor electrodes and the further improvement of these electrodes by doping with metallic nanoparticles.



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