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Leahy, RW, Lahiff, E, Minett, AI & Blau, WJ, Chemical vapour deposition grown carbon nanotubes for interconnect technology, 2007, 1-7. Copyright AZoM.com Pty Ltd. Original item available here


Multiwall carbon nanotubes have been grown by catalytic chemical vapour deposition using iron catalyst particles drop cast onto etched silicon wafers. The catalyst used was poly(styrene-vinylferrocene) in toluene solution which has an iron content of 2.1%. The etched silicon wafers have trench regions of varying widths ranging from 0.32 to 1 μm. For trench widths below 0.5 μm the number of “interconnecting” tubes growing from one side of the trench to the other increases sharply. A significant proportion of these “interconnects” are found to be Y-junction and multiple junction MWNTs. A systematic study of the effects of each of the growth conditions (temperature, run time, gas flow, catalyst concentration and trench width) versus interconnect yield was carried out. Densities of ~ 1.6 interconnects per micron of trench are obtained, with junction structures accounting for 38% of these interconnects. Densities can be controlled through modification of chemical vapour deposition conditions.



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