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This article was originally published as Nguyen, MH, Price, WE, Air-Drying of Banana: Influence of Experimental Parameters, Slab Thickness, Banana Maturity and Harvesting Season, Journal of Food Engineering, 79(1), 2007, 200-207. The original article is available here.


Air-drying of banana slabs has been investigated and the influence of experimental parameters such as temperature, relative humidity and slab thickness has been studied. This was in part re-investigated because of inconsistencies in previous studies, particularly in relation to derived water diffusion coefficients. In addition, it is shown that harvest season and hence initial moisture content has a very marked influence on the drying kinetics. By contrast banana maturity (ripeness) has little influence on the kinetics despite there being significant differences in morphology and chemical composition between green and ripe bananas. The effect of these two variables on the drying kinetics has not previously been studied.



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