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Ding, J., Wu, J., MacFarlane, D., Price, W. E. & Wallace, G. G. (2008). Electrochemical co-deposition of Ti phases with gold in ionic liquids. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 10(38), 5863-5869.


The electro-deposition of titanium from two different classes of ionic liquids has been studied. Gold ions in solution have been used as an additive in order to provide a stable nucleation site for titanium to deposit on via a co-deposition process. Despite evidence from previous literature, it was found that it was not possible to reduce titanium from the +4 state to titanium (0) due to problems of redox cycling and solubility of reduced titanium species in the various ILs trialled. It was however found that gold was a very effective nucleating agent for these reduced titanium species and that successful mixed Tin+/gold electro-deposits were obtained. The content of titanium in these species could be varied according to the conditions and IL used.

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