Revolution 2(3) June 1971

Revolution 2(3) June 1971

Phillip Frazer

This collection has been made available due to its historical and research importance. It contains material that reflects attitudes of the era in which it was originally published, and that some viewers may find confronting.


Editorial group: Phillip Frazer, Bob Weis, Geoff Pendlebury, Sebastian Jorgensen, Jim Read, Glenys and Marie. Contents:
Ian McCausland - Chairman Mao (cover art)
Les Rabinowixz - Let me fill you in on the picture
Vietnam War Song
Rob Smyth - American rock - the shape it's in
Ross Wilson - Rice revival (is rice coming back?)
The Garden of Eaten or 'Blackburns Judgement'
Germaine Greer - Bounce Titty Bounce
Richard Ludbrook - Humping through Asia - The head's guide to Sydney to Istanbul
Chris O'Nial - Human Settlements
Magick Mushrooms
Bob Goodman - Panthers split
Tom Convey - Music from a cultural ghetto ....
Bob's page
Rock reviews
Frangments from an intimate diary
Phillip Frazer - Playpower! Cops don't know the rules (review)
Artwork by Joel Ellenberg
Photographs by Bob Weis and Jim Reed
Heavy German rock is coming
Phillip Adams - Adams' apply - the Saturday page
Lindsay and Lawrence van Gelder - The radicalisation of the superheroes