Revolution 1(3) July 1970

Revolution 1(3) July 1970

Phillip Frazer

This collection has been made available due to its historical and research importance. It contains material that reflects attitudes of the era in which it was originally published, and that some viewers may find confronting.


Mick Jagger's Death Concert - Altamont - Where does responsibility lie?, from the editors of Rolling Stone
On the horizon
Craig Robertson - Woodstock
John Playford - The Mandel Affair
Douglas Kirshner - Repressive pseudo-revolution
Rob Smyth - Retrospective - Cream, Part 1
David Elfick interviews with Taj Mahal and Johnny Winter
Paul Merriam - Downunderground radiooo, eh?
Davild Elfick and Martin Sharp dialogues - Censorship, environment and art
Martin Sharp - The Gas Lash cartoon
A Day in the life of Billy Greef poster
Albie Thoms - Germany's pop capital - Munich
Rob Smyth - A prodigal son returns to his Vegetal Mother - Ross Wilson
Ross Wilson - Macrobiotics: a stomach revolution for western man
Greg Quill - Marian Henderson - Cameo
Buckminster Fuller
How ASIO blocked Hall Greenland from a government job
Record reviews
Films - The Damned
Graeme Blundell - Theatre
Books - Peter Brown
Andrew McIntyre - A conversation with Ravi Shankar
On the Horizon.