Revolution 1(4) August 1970

Revolution 1(4) August 1970

Phillip Frazer

This collection has been made available due to its historical and research importance. It contains material that reflects attitudes of the era in which it was originally published, and that some viewers may find confronting.


Phillip Frazer - interview with Creedence Clearwater Revival
Films - Albie Thoms, Al Finney and Toney Convey - Woodstock and the Australian think police / Ned Kelly a bummer / Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice / Tell them Willie Boy is here / The Liberation of L.Q. Jones
Helene Barnes - Andrew Pulley and the Fort Jackson Eight
Terry Gilmore - The Gurundjii
American Woman advertisement
Zapeye cartoon
Rolling Stone supplement: Ben Fong Torres intervew with David Crosby / Random Notes / Correspondence, love letters and advice
Margo Huxley - Saturday afternoon rap with Mike Rudd of the Spectrum
Cartoon - and the war goes on
Gulliver - Recollectiosn of early realization as the observer
Erich Goode - Dealings in pot: the marijuana market
John Clare - I ride with the friendly drug pedlar / Chicago dealers
Cartoon - man in search of peace
On the horizon